Meet Our Community



When I first met Ola at Pilathon I felt an instant connection. I knew she on something good! The she spoke about her project and I knew she was from my tribe!

At Pilathon and home we are all about physical and spiritual health but the health of our Mother Earth is sacred to us! Nabati takes very good care of ALL of the above!

When you drink one (or two) of their delicious ice creams you feel that you are pampering and feeding your soul!

They’re creamy and they taste like REAL! You know you are eating good quality foods thus taking care of your physical health.

When I found quality I stick to it... I support only quality and loving businesses and products. I spread the word... and with Nabati I go mad about it! They ZERO WASTE! This is inspiring REALLY inspiring. We should all follow their example.

I eat Nabati weekly. Free of guilt... even better FULL OF TRUST, PROUD AND LOVE!

I am Nabati’s Cheerleader!

Drop here!