Frequently Asked Questions

About the brand
How do you pronounce the name and what does it mean?

Na-ba-tee which means plant based ice cream to touch on Ola’s roots

How did Nabati start?

It was Ola our founders culinary school project that developed through lots of trial and error to find the perfect balance of creaminess, sweetness and delisiousness.

How is Nabati sustainable?

All Nabati’s ingredients are organic, plant based, GMO free, bought in bulk, locally sourced as much as possible and we are completely plastic free. Our packaging is biodegradable and branded with a heat stamp. We offer a 5% discount for bringing your own container. All our food waste is composted.

If I don’t live in Miami can I order Nabati ice cream?

We ship nationwide in packaging as eco friendly as possible! All ice cream is shipped in dry-ice and guaranteed to still nice and cold.

What makes Nabati ice cream special?

Clean ice cream, everything is made from  scratch with organic healthy ingredients. It is free from starches, gums and emulsifiers and we add maca and lucuma superfood powders  in all our bases!

About the recepies
What if I’m Allergic to Nuts, can I eat Nabati?

We have 6 rotating seasonal fruit based ice creams that are nut free. We try our best to avoid cross contamination but we churn everything in the same machine and store it in the same walk in cooler. If you are Highly allergic we recommend consulting your physician before consumption.

Is the ice cream organic/ kosher certified?

All our ingredients are organic certified we are working on getting the ice cream certified. Our process and ingredients are kosher friendly but we are not certified.

What is the Nutritional fact of one serving?

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Is everything Vegan?

Everything we make is plant based/vegan, refined sugar, gluten and soy free. We also don’t use any gums, starches, emulsifiers or additives and all our ingredients are organically sourced.

What sweeteners do you use?

Nabati ice cream is not as sweet as your traditional ice cream. We use a combination of dates, coconut sugar and maple syrup.

How many flavours do you have?

We have 18 rotating flavours at the shop. Don’t worry you can always find our best sellers.

What are the top selling flavours?

Golden scoop, Pumpkinseed butter, Vanilla mango almond and shnickers.

What are your cones made of?

Are cones are made of Chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut flour, oats, homemade vegan butter, coconut sugar and coconut milk. They are gluten, soy and nut free.