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Plant-based ice cream made from scratch


Redefining ice cream

Hello, I'm Ola! I am passionate about desserts but also very concerned about what we've been doing to our planet and to ourselves. So, I decided to create something special. leave

Nabati is 100% plant-based. That's right, it is produced without harming animals or our planet. We use a combination of cashews and coconuts for most of our bases, fruits for some. We sweeten with dates, maple syrup and coconut sugar. Combined with other organic healthy ingredients to create a seriously creamy ice cream with all the flavors you could imagine. No preservatives gums, starches, emulsifiers or chemicals here.

Our production is totally visible in our store; in Wynwood Miami, because we have nothing to hide. Everything we make has the health of our bodies and our planet in mind and we are plastic free! All in all, it is a completely guilt-free treat.

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icon Plant Based
icon Refined Sugar Free
icon Gluten Free
icon Soy Free
icon Organic
icon Biodegradable
icon Kosher Friendly
icon Gum and Stabiliser Free
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